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Sedation Dentistry Ajax

Ajax Dental Care believes in a natural approach to dentistry and works to minimize the need for dental sedation. Except for the most complex procedures such as extraction of an impacted molar, psychological sedation is often all that is necessary.

Patients for whom the fear of the pain is worse than the pain itself we create a calming environment and reassurance about the benefits and ease of the procedure. With a thorough explanation of the procedure and an environment of calm and relaxation we find many of our patients are able to go through their procedure without additional medication.

Forms of Dental Sedation

In some cases, patients with extreme anxiety may be given dental sedation. Additionally, those facing more complex and invasive procedures will also have the option for oral or inhalation dental sedation.

Inhalation sedation in the form of nitrous oxide is the most well-known form of sedation. With this form, a mask is placed over the nose to allow a patient to inhale the nitrous, commonly known as “laughing gas.”

Dental Sedation Cost

Dental sedation cost will vary greatly depending on the type of sedation and the length of the procedure. Singer Dental offers several sedation options and is committed to making you comfortable at every step of your procedure.

This gas will typically put patients to sleep completely allowing the procedure to be performed with no pain or anxiety. A benefit of this type of sedation is that when the mask is removed, the effects disappear in a matter of minutes allowing a patient to resume normal activities.

Oral sedation is also an option. With this form, a patient is typically given sedation by mouth an hour before the procedure and may also be advised to take one the night before to quell anxiety. Oral sedation is beneficial for several reasons because it is typically safe and effective for most patients and is cheaper than intravenous sedation which is administered with a needle.

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