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Invisalign Ajax

Get the straight beautiful smile you have always wanted without the unsightly and uncomfortable metal of traditional braces. Invisalign’s patented technology straightens teeth the invisible way!


Invisible Braces

Have you considered braces but were intimated by the idea of having highly visible metal and bands in your mouth for months or even years? Until Invisalign Braces, that was the only option and it could be inconvenient and painful. These invisible braces have been a game-changer for millions of people who wanted straighter teeth but did not want unsightly traditional braces.

Singer Dentist in Ajax is a proud, preferred provider or Invisalign Braces, working to help you achieve optimal results with this revolutionary system. Call today for your consultation with our Invisalign dentists.

How do Invisible Braces Work?

Unlike traditional braces which include wire and bands, invisible braces consist of a clear tray that is customized to fit perfectly over your teeth. When worn properly, for 22 hours a day, this snug-fitting tray will help to straighten and align the teeth.

While it is important to commit to wearing the trays for the recommended 22 hours per day, they can be removed while eating. They should also be removed to ensure proper teeth brushing and flossing – something that is much more difficult with traditional braces.

These braces are also considered low maintenance though there are some precautions one must take. While you can drink cold water while wearing them, nearly all other beverages and food will have a staining or warping effect on the material.

You will also be fitted for a new pair roughly every two weeks to further the straightening progress. While the new fitting may not be the most convenient aspect of the braces, it can give a wearer the chance to change out their trays if staining has accidentally occurred.

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Schedule Your Consultation with a Preferred Invisalign Provider

At your consultation, your Singer dentist will examine your teeth to ensure you are a good candidate for invisible braces. We will go over proper maintenance and give you the tools and tips to get the optimal advantages from your new clear braces.

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