Fast, Clear Oral Scans: iTero Scanner at Singer Dental Ajax

In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing patient experiences and improving treatment outcomes. One such innovation at Singer Dental in Ajax, ON, is the iTero scanner, a digital device that has changed how we assess, plan, and execute treatments.

What is the iTero Scanner?

The iTero scanner is a digital intraoral scanner used by dentists to capture highly detailed 3D images of a patient's teeth and oral structures. The iTero scanner offers a non-invasive, efficient, and precise alternative, unlike traditional methods that involve uncomfortable impressions using messy materials.

How Does it Work?

The iTero scanner employs today’s technology to create a virtual replica of a patient's oral cavity. Our dentist uses a small, handheld wand with a tiny camera to scan the patient's teeth and surrounding areas. As the wand moves, it captures thousands of images per second, creating a comprehensive 3D digital model in real time. This digital model generated by the iTero scanner can be used for various treatments, including orthodontics, restorative work, and implant planning.

Benefits of the iTero Scanner:

  • Comfort: Say goodbye to messy and uncomfortable impressions. With iTero, there's no need for goopy materials, reducing anxiety and discomfort for patients.
  • Accuracy: The high precision of iTero scans ensures better-fitting restorations, aligners, and appliances, leading to improved treatment results.
  • Efficiency: iTero eliminates the need for time-consuming physical models and shipping, streamlining the treatment process and reducing waiting times.
  • Enhanced Communication: Patients can see their dental condition in real-time, facilitating discussions about treatment options and goals.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By eliminating the need for physical impressions, iTero helps reduce waste and supports eco-friendly dental practices.

With iTero, dental care has never been more patient-friendly, ensuring a brighter smile and a healthier future. Its ability to provide precision, comfort, and efficiency makes it a valuable tool for both patients and practitioners. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Eliminate the need for messy impressions
  • Enjoy better-fitted restorations
  • Get more effective and efficient treatments
  • Reduce the amount of waste
  • Prioritize your oral health!

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