How Much Will Your Ajax Dentist Cleaning Cost? Get the Facts from an Experienced Dentist in Ajax

Dental cleanings are among the most common dental procedures. Quick, easy, painless, and they leave you with healthy looking pearly whites. But one thing that some people do worry about is the dentist cleaning cost – how much will they have to pay to restore their smile to its natural healthy white? Our experienced dentist in Ajax answers your questions.  

The Cost of Dentist Cleaning – Explained

There are some deep-seated fears regarding the dentist; about half the population has anxiety issues surrounding dental care. This phenomenon has been studied extensively and as a leading Ajax dentist, we’re doing our part to help assuage those fears! 

It’s our hope that you won’t be afraid to visit a dentist in Ajax, and we’ll start by eliminating the financial fear by removing any ambiguity when it comes to cost. 

Dental procedures, after all, can cost patients thousands. The good news is that our dentist in Ajax accepts all major forms of insurance, helping to keep those costs down (or maybe even make them nonexistent!). In fact, most dental insurance policies in Ontario cover 100% of preventative cleanings twice a year. 

More good news: the average cost of a dentist cleaning is fairly manageable. 

Cost of a Dental Cleaning

Generally, the cost of a dental cleaning will run you between $100 and $300. The variability in the dental cleaning prices is based on:

  • How extensive the dental cleaning needs to be
  • The dentist’s particular pricing scheme
  • The dentist’s equipment/experience

What’s Included in the Dental Cleaning Prices

We can now answer ‘how much does a cleaning cost at the dentist’ – next let’s talk about what’s included in the dentist cleaning cost. 

If you’re of reading age, you’ve no doubt had multiple dental cleanings before, so you know the drill (pun not intended – regular cleanings don’t involve drills!). 

Your dentist will inspect your teeth for plaque and tartar buildup and work to remove them. They’ll also be able to inspect your gums and evaluate how healthy they are, identify gum recession, etc. 

Overall, while performing the regular cleaning, your dentist can perform an assessment of your overall dental health. So beyond just getting a whiter, healthier looking smile, you can also have an expert identify any potential concerns. 

Like in all areas of medicine, the earlier you can catch something, the better. An ounce of prevention is always, always better than a pound of cure – and can help you avoid much more expensive dental procedures if certain issues are caught and addressed early enough. 

So when you’re considering the cost of cleaning teeth, remember that this cleaning can actually save you thousands of dollars by identifying issues early and having your dentist provide preventative care measures to keep these issues from growing more severe. 

How Often Should You Have Dental Cleanings

Every six months is the typical recommendation. 

What’s more, you might as well take advantage of your two free cleanings a year that is a standard part of most Ontario dental insurance policies. 

The frequency of cleanings also helps you keep on top of any oral health concerns, monitor progress, and continue to get those proactive tips from your dentist! 

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Our team is dedicated to providing quality dental care to each and every one of our patients. We’ll always treat you as an individual and take the time to address all your questions and concerns while delivering effective care and treatment. 

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