Is a brighter smile at the top of your wishlist? If so, you are not alone. Many people in Toronto are also curious as to the cost of teeth whitening. Tooth whitening is among the top requested cosmetic dentistry procedures with the tooth whitening industry expected to reach $7.4 billion in just four years. That revenue represents millions of people globally using both professional and at-home tooth whitening solutions. 


As with most purchases, we all want to know what is the cost? Also, we want to know if the cost of teeth whitening in Toronto is worth it? We will cover the answers to both questions in this blog. 


At-Home Teeth Whitening Cost 

At-home tooth whitening products range from whitening toothpastes for a few dollars up to take-home tooth whitening trays that you can get from your dentist. Because these trays require a visit to your dentist, it is debatable whether they should be considered an at-home solution. However, since the actual whitening takes place outside the dentist chair, we are including them here. 

Tooth Whitening Toothpastes: Tooth whitening toothpastes vary in cost from a few dollars to around $30. These pastes typically include an abrasive material to scrub away discoloration and/or a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide. Concentrations of the bleaching agent are much less than you would find in a kit dedicated to tooth whitening. Toothpastes are best for very mild discoloration and to help maintain brightness after you have had your teeth whitened with another method. 

Over the Counter Kits: Tooth whitening kits you can find in a retail store or online typically use a peroxide solution to remove deeper stains than a toothpaste can. Kits vary quite a bit in price but will typically be around a hundred dollars or less. Along with cost, the other factor to consider with OTC kits is that they take around 2-weeks of consistent use before full results can be seen. 


Take-Home Trays: Take-home tooth whitening kits from your dentist can cost several hundred dollars but are still cheaper than in-office procedures. Most of these kits will look similar to what you can find in over-the-counter kits. However, the whitening solution is more concentrated and, therefore, more effective. Your take-home kit may also be custom made. This means the dental trays will be fitted for your exact tooth shape which will produce better contact and more even results. 

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Professional Teeth Whitening Cost 

The average cost for professional tooth whitening in Canada can range from around $400 to $700 or more. Professional teeth whitening is the most costly way to brighten your teeth but it is also the most effective and fastest. Some dentists may also do a two-step process where you receive treatment in office along with a take home whitening tray to further your results. 

The benefits of paying the price of professional teeth whitening are that you will typically see results in just one session versus up to two weeks with at-home methods. You are also less likely to experience gum sensitivity with professional whitening. 

While professional tooth whitening is not permanent, you will get several months or even a few years of increased brightness. You can extend this time by avoiding certain foods like coffee, tea and red wine. Smoking also negatively impacts how long your teeth stay white. At home tooth whitening can also be used in between professional sessions to maintain whiteness for longer. 

Veneers: Pricing

Veneers, a thin insert that goes over the tooth, is not exclusively for whitening but it can be used for this purpose. With veneers, the cost is significantly more than any other whitening option and you can expect to pay several hundred dollars per tooth. Because of this, veneers are typically reserved for teeth that are also broken or misshapen and not just discolored. 

Is Teeth Whitening Cost Worth it?

While tooth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure, it can have a significant impact on your life and even earning potentials. Though it is difficult to quantify the exact amount tooth whitening is worth to each individual, studies have shown that people with more confidence tend to earn more.  


Political Scientist, Rick Wilson, studied the impact of physical appearance and self-esteem on earnings in his report on “Fiscal Attraction.” One of his findings included people who smile more are seen as more trustworthy and this correlates to greater earning potential. 

So, will tooth whitening make you more confident and likely to smile? If the answer is, ‘yes’ then teeth whitening cost may not only be worth it, it might be a bargain compared to the financial benefits. 


Even if you aren’t seeking out a public career where your smile can directly affect your image, your social life is likely to get a boost. Additionally, this procedure is a part of full mouth restoration. Tooth whitening can give many people the confidence to be more social and to smile more for pictures. This can lead to a richer life that you feel more connected to than you would standing on the sidelines. 


Is Professional Teeth Whitening Covered by Insurance? 


Generally, teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure that is not necessary for the health or functionality of one’s teeth. Because of this, it is rare for the cost of the procedure to be covered by dental insurance. You may, however, be able to work out a payment plan with your dentist to make finances more manageable. 


Some employers whose employees are in the public eye may also provide some help or reimbursement with teeth whitening as this can be seen as a business expense. An employer may also offer supplemental insurance that would cover tooth whitening so it is worth asking your company about.

How to Prolong Your Teeth Whitening Treatment


When properly done, tooth whitening can last for up to three years though you will likely start to see a duller white colour in just a few months. The amount of time you have white teeth though will depend largely on how you care for your teeth. It is also important to note that professional whitening produces a brighter white and is likely to last longer than products you can use at home. 


No matter what method you use for your teeth whitening, there are several things you can do to keep your teeth whiter for longer.  This includes basic care such as regular flossing and brushing which you should do regardless of whether or not you have had your teeth whitened.  Incorporating a tooth whitening toothpaste is also good practice. 

Whenever possible, you should avoid beverages that can discolor your teeth such as coffee, tea and wine along with certain foods like soy sauce, vinegar and tomato based sauces. Smoking also negatively impacts the color of your teeth. Smokers can expect to see a loss of whiteness much more quickly 


If your teeth have been professionally whitened, an OTC kit or other at-home method can be used in between appointments to maintain whiteness. Make sure to consult with your dentist in Ajax about how often you can do at-home treatments and which ones are best for you.


Final Thoughts

The price of tooth whitening in Toronto is relatively affordable. This procedure is not required for your teeth to be functional or healthy. However, it is effective at giving patients a boost of confidence that can positively impact one’s life and career. Costs vary greatly between different at-home methods and professional ones. 


For many, a take-home kit you get from your dentist may be the best compromise. These kits provide greater results than OTC kits but are less expensive than an in-office treatment. 


Your dentist will customize your treatment to provide the brightest white and best coverage for all your teeth. If you are considering professional tooth whitening. Singer Dental offers multiple options to fit your budget and improve your smile. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 905 903 3848.