The cost of full mouth restoration is a simple price to pay for perfect dentition. Nobody has control over how their teeth turn out naturally. However, thanks to innovations in dental procedures you can achieve a straight, white and healthy smile.

Covering the cost of full mouth restoration in Toronto can offer so many benefits. One of which is confidence. You get extra confidence when you have the correct dentition, smile, and fresh breath. This is what this innovative dental treatment offers.

Full mouth restoration is popular in Toronto and it involves a series of treatment options. All these procedures are combined to boost the health of the mouth so that you can have the best of smiles. 

In this article, we will focus on providing you with insight into the various factors that influence the cost of full mouth restoration in Toronto. But first, let’s start by defining what this treatment entails.


What is Full Mouth Restoration?

As stated earlier, full mouth restoration is a culmination of different treatment processes, all geared towards achieving a specific aim. We carry out mouth restoration to solve a myriad of mouth and teeth problems including:

  • Lost teeth due to decay or injury
  • Fractured teeth
  • Worn out teeth, due to long-term acid erosion or tooth grinding
  • Jaw, muscle, and headache pain connected to the teeth
  • Periodontal disease 
  • Gum pain 

Mouth restoration in Toronto may include orthognathic surgery, crown lengthening, prophylactic teeth cleaning and other treatment procedures.

To get the process correctly done, several specialists including restorative dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and endodontists work hand in hand to achieve the best results. 

You may wonder why you need to take on this full-mouth restoration and the cost that comes with it. Well, all the reasons all lead up to the fact that it makes you more confident of your dentition and smile. However, more importantly, it boosts dental hygiene and relieves pain associated with dental problems.


Full Mouth Restoration: The Processes Involved

There are four simple steps that are involved during full-mouth restoration.  They include:


Just like any other treatment, you need to consult with a dentist and specialist for proper examination and enlightenment. You need to carry out a thorough examination of the condition of your mouth and dentition before treatment starts.

With proper examination, it will be easy for the team of general dentists and specialists to determine the extent of the problem with your mouth. This way, it is possible to know the treatment(s) you will need and what the cost of your full mouth restoration will be.

The examination will include your


Your dentist will need to check through the condition of your teeth, to know the specific treatment it will need. 

Depending on your situation, you may require porcelain veneers or full-coverage crowns. Inlays or outlays are also among the teeth treatment techniques that make up full-mouth restoration.

It is the job of your dentist or specialist to take note of any cavity and decay in the tooth, as well as other problems that may be present. 

Gum tissues

This is another part of your mouth that your dentist will examine. If there is periodontal disease in this case, you will need to undergo scaling and root planing. However, in some cases, you need a more intensive treatment from the specialist to make sure the foundation of your newly restored mouth is solid.

Temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles, and occlusion

The health of the teeth is not perfect if you are unable to bite properly or chew without experiencing pain. The changes in occlusion should be considered during this check-up.


This is an important aspect of this treatment. Covering the cost of full mouth restoration means that you will be left with beautiful looking teeth. As part of your examination, your dentist will examine the colour, shape, proportion, and size of the teeth. If any adjustments need to be made, they will be noted.

Planning the treatment

This is prepared after the identification of all areas of concern. At this stage, your dentist will make a detailed description of all treatments covered under the cost of full mouth restoration as well as the benefits, risks and potential for complications and appropriate expectations.

The schedule of the treatment will also be determined. You need to make sure the specialist carries you along at this stage. Know all your options and make sure your dentist clears all your doubts on any question. Your treatment plan will be personalized for you. During this stage of treatment, you will also agree on the timeframe and results of your treatment. 

Improvement of oral wellness

The care routine your specialist places you on depends on the type of treatment you need. These care routines may be geared towards the teeth itself or the gum. 

Smile restoration

This is usually the longest phase of the treatment because it involves the execution of all the treatments that have been planned with the specialist.  

Depending on the amount of work that is done, this step may take up to a year to be completed — more if braces/Invisalign is involved. Smile restoration is the cost-intensive part of the treatment. The length of time involved can influence the cost of full mouth restoration in Canada.  


Cost of Full-Mouth Restoration in Toronto 

In Toronto, the cost of full mouth restoration can range from  $5000-$100,000 or more depending on a number of factors. It is difficult to come up with an exact estimate because of the uniqueness of different mouth conditions

Most often than not, full-mouth restoration will involve all the teeth in the mouth. However, the combination of treatments you will need may be different from that of another person. There is uniqueness in the overall treatment a patient receives. Typically this is because of the difference in the intensity of dental conditions.

In the case where you have an insurance policy covering you, some of the costs of treatment will be covered. The amount your insurance will cover is dependent on your plan details. Another form of payment you may receive is a third party financing, which allows you to make your payments in installments.  

Factors that influence the cost of full mouth restoration

Several factors can affect the price of a full-mouth restoration, but the main factors will always be the procedures you need as a patient. Since the procedures are the major determinants, you want to be sure of the exact treatments that you are paying for and what it aims to achieve. You don’t want to invest in a treatment that is not needed. Every full mouth recovery treatment is cost-intensive. 

The restoration of the mouth will always take you more than one visit to the dentist and specialist. It may take a few weeks in time to a year or more. The duration of time depends on your specific condition, and the need for treatments that require healing time or tooth movement with braces or invisalign orthodontics. There are several treatments you may need and will be recommended by the specialist. Some of the common treatments that affect the cost of full mouth restoration include:

  • An essential procedure is Prophylactic teeth cleaning and periodontal care. This may cost $250 on an average
  • Crown lengthening: This is a procedure to make the tooth structure and gum and bone healthier and stronger
  • Orthognathic surgery: You may need this treatment if the goal is to reposition the jaw
  • Contouring of the gum tissue: This aims at making sure that there is harmony and balance in the arrangement of teeth 
  • Orthodontics: This is a process that aims to change the position of the teeth, to ensure that recovery is done seamlessly with braces or Invisalign
  • Some treatment sessions also need implant placement and restoration. These replace missing teeth
  • Grafting: This process is done to the bones or soft tissues, and the main aim is to enhance the stability of the teeth. This makes things easier, as restoration and implants can be done quickly. 

There is also the process of preparing the structure of the teeth to facilitate the replacement of crowns, bridges, and veneers. All of these come into place to determine full-mouth restoration prices in Ontario.


Final take

Full mouth restoration is a good step in the right direction for your teeth. As such, the cost of full mouth restoration is an investment that will provide you with positive dividends in the form of a painless, bright smile.

Once you decide to get the treatment, you must be ready to stay committed to it for a very long time. The results come in gradually, unlike other dental treatments that offer obvious reactions in a short period. 

Do you need full mouth restoration in Toronto? Are you wondering where the best place is to get your treatment? Our Ajax dental experts have years of experience treating different types of dental issues. Let’s devise a plan for your restoration needs. Contact us today!