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Full Mouth Restoration Ajax

Teeth can become severely damaged due to neglect, age, disease, and injury. When this happens, it is often not just a cosmetic concern. Extreme tooth damage can cause pain, affect a person’s ability to chew and also interfere with confidence and comfort in social settings. Our experienced Ajax dentist offers full mouth restoration procedures.

Dental Implants Full Mouth Restoration

For those with severe damage on all or most of their teeth, the best solution is extraction. Until recently, this meant dentures would need to be fitted. However, with the invention of the All-on-Four dental implant system, a mouth can be fully restored with as few as 4 implants.

With this type of implant system, a single implant can support multiple teeth making it possible to have fewer individual implants. The implants are held securely and are considered a permanent solution to tooth loss that requires minimal maintenance unlike dentures which need to be replaced more often and can be inconvenient to put in and take out.


Implants, both individual and All-on-Four, are used when one’s natural teeth are no longer viable. Conversely, veneers are typically more for cosmetic purposes and are used to correct the appearance of crooked, misshapen or discolored teeth without extraction of the natural tooth.

With veneers, a thin porcelain overlay is affixed to your natural tooth. This overlay will give you a naturally white smile without ruining the teeth underneath. Additionally, because they are made of porcelain, they will not stain like your natural teeth do.

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Finding the Right Tooth Restoration for You

Singer Dental’s comprehensive offerings for tooth restoration ensure we can customize a treatment that meets your aesthetic goals and budget. For an exam and consultation to find the right solution for your smile

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