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Bonded Fillings Ajax

For decades, fixing a tooth meant an unsightly gold or silver-colored filling. Now, with the introduction of composite fillings made of resin and other materials, a dental filling can be made to match your natural teeth. Ajax Dentistry Singer Dental uses industry-leading materials and techniques to ensure your filling matches both the color and opacity of your own teeth for the most seamless aesthetic possible.

Fast and Convenient Composite Tooth Filling

The process of installing a composite dental filling could not be simpler. These strong and durable fillings can be placed on your tooth in a single visit with no pain.  Resin fillings also do not require any downtime and you can eat and drink normally immediately after the procedure is done.

Will a Dental Filling Hurt?

For most fillings, a numbing gel will be placed around the gum to minimize discomfort. For deeper cavities, a shot of local anesthetic may be administered to further desensitize the area. Once the numbing agent takes effect, there should be no significant pain during the procedure.

After the procedure, patients who have received local anesthetic may have temporary numbness of the lips and mouth.  Mild sensitivity may also occur but should resolve itself within a matter of days or a few weeks. During this time, hard foods and foods that are very hot or cold may increase the discomfort and should be limited.

Extreme pain after a filling is rare and should be reported do your dentist immediately especially if you are experiencing other symptoms such as a fever or swelling.

Tooth Filling Cost

Tooth Filling Cost will vary depending on your insurance, the materials used, and the severity of the cavity being filled. Though the price may be several hundred, a filling can prevent greater and more costly damage from occurring.

Tooth Filling Cost
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Singer Dental will work with you to provide a filling that meets your needs and budget.

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