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All on Four Tooth Implants

Think a new smile is out of reach? For those who have all or most of their teeth damaged or broken, it can seem like dentures are the only solution. All on Four dental implants changes that. Known as Teeth in a Day, these are the easier, faster alternative to traditional implants. Call the leading dentist in Ajax.

Instead of individual tooth implants, multiple teeth are secured to as few as eight implants for a full mouth restoration. For many patients, this is a cost-effective solution that does not sacrifice aesthetics or durability.

How Do All on Four Implants Work?

Traditional mouth restoration will use upwards of 6 implants on each side of the mouth. In contrast, All on Four can be done with as few as four per side. In this procedure, each implant supports several teeth.

The implants are placed at an angle to maximize support from your natural jawbone. This placement helps to increase bite strength, allowing you to eat hard and chewy foods. Other benefits include:

  • Are permanently affixed in the mouth
  • Will not slip or require adhesive
  • Give you a natural facial structure
  • Stop bone loss associated with missing teeth
  • Can be flossed and brushed like your own teeth
  • Do not interfere with food taste
  • Are less expensive than traditional implants

Are All on Four Implants Right for Me?

All on Four implants offer many benefits but there are some considerations for patients. First, this style of implant is typically reserved for patients who need all of their teeth replaced. For those with less tooth damage, other alternatives are preferred.


Some patients will also have difficulty adapting to the thickness of the implants. The new thickness compared to natural teeth can feel quite different. Speech may also be more difficult with this added bulk. Patients can often get used to this sensation and regain their normal speech with practice, but it is an adjustment.

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