As communities across the country and world take steps to open businesses safely amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Singer Dental family is excited by the progress we have seen. Our offices continue to be available to onboard new patients. Also, we are looking forward to when we can offer our full range of services! 

Though we do not yet have a timeline for when this will be possible, we are encouraged by how our community has banded together to flatten the curve. We at Singer Dental continue to be committed to reducing the spread of infection by making the safety of our team and patients our absolute top priority.   

What Safety Measures are We Taking?

As part of our commitment to safety, our office has always utilized personal protective equipment (PPE) that has exceeded what is legally required. However, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been instituting additional guidelines and protocols to ensure your safety. 

This includes additional sanitation steps, PPE and limiting what procedures we offer during this time. By minimizing the number of patients in our office by only on boarding new cases, we are able to practice social distancing. This also ensures that resources are available for when things normalize. 

How to Contact Singer Dental for Emergency Services 

We welcome new and existing patients to contact us by phone or email to inquire about dental procedures:

Phone: 905 903 3848


Finding Your Smile in Difficult Times

While our main focus is on physical safety in our dental office in Ajax, we know that many of our patients are also struggling in other ways during these difficult times.  If you, like so many of us, are finding it hard to show off your smile, consider the findings of the mid-19th century, French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne. 

Duchenne discovered GENUINE smiles incorporate two specific facial muscles;  Zygomatic Major; which resides around the cheeks and turns the corners of the lips up, and Orbicularis Oculi. This contracts around the eyes resulting in the distinctive wrinkles often referred to as “crow’s feet,” and is also responsible for closing the eyelids. Indeed, Duchenne argued only the “sweet emotions of the soul” force the Orbicularis Oculi to contract.

Even if your normal schedule has been turned upside down, any trip to the grocery store, or hike outside is a time to let your “sweet emotions” show through your smile. Share your smile, the world needs it more than ever!