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Root Canal Ajax Ontario

Root canals may be one of the most feared dental procedures, but they can serve to save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted and are often far less painful than people expect. Much of the fear surrounding root canal therapy is based on outdated ways of performing the procedure. Now, it is possible to receive a root canal in one to two sessions and it is not much more involved than a typical filling. Call Ajax Dentist now.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

For a tooth to receive nutrients, a thin rootlike structure in the dental pulp supplies everything the tooth needs. This root can become infected when teeth are not properly cared for and bacteria is allowed to reach under the surface.

When left untreated, this root will die and so will the tooth above which will lead to extraction. Root canal therapy is designed to help heal this root and save the tooth. During the procedure, the dental pulp is sanitized of the bacteria infecting it. Affected areas may be removed or reshaped to ensure the tooth remains free of further infection. The tooth can survive without the pulp because it will still be able to receive nutrients from the tissues surrounding it.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

When done properly, pain, discomfort and inconvenience can be minimized and managed.  During the procedure you will be given anesthesia which will make the actual root canal painless. You may experience discomfort after which can typically be managed with over the counter pain medications. Most patients are also able to resume normal function such as going back to work right after though numbness in the mouth may persist for several hours.

Root Canal Cost

Though root canal cost can be considerable, it is much cheaper than alternatives such as a dental implant which involves multiple visits and a more involved procedure. Molars, due to their shape and position, may be more expensive to perform a root canal on and the cost will reflect this.

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Singer Dental believes in the healing benefits of root canal therapy and saving natural teeth.

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