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Mouth Guards Ajax

Sports are an exciting form or entertainment and exercise, but they pose a risk to players. Lost or damaged teeth due to a flying ball, puck or fist is one of the most common injuries for athletes to endure. Fortunately, with a custom mouth guard, much of this tooth loss can be avoided.

While mouth guards for sports are the most common use, Singer Dental Care in Ajax also offers mouth guards to wear at night. These guards can help prevent tooth damage for those who grind their teeth in their sleep.

Custom Mouth Guard

A custom mouth guard has several advantages over standard styles. Singer Dental creates custom mouth guards to fit precisely in your mouth by taking a mold of your teeth. This allows for a far superior fit compared to other mouth guards.

A better fit means that they will remain in place even during vigorous activities. Singer can also adjust the thickness of the mouth guard depending on its intended use. For example, the thickest and toughest materials are typically required for sports like hockey where a hard puck may strike a player in the face. For those who need a mouth guard for something like basketball, we can fit a thinner material that is protective without being as bulky.

Custom Mouth Guard Cost

Custom mouth guard cost will depend on several factors including the thickness required. Singer Dental uses only dental-grade, premium materials to form a mouth guard that fits your teeth precisely. With a custom guard, you will get superior fit, comfort and safety.

Avoiding tooth loss is critical to preventing even more serious concerns and greater costs such as requiring tooth implants, dentures and shifting of the teeth when one or more teeth are missing. This can be expensive to fix and also compromise one’s appearance which makes mouth protection critical for anyone who plays a sport.

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With a custom guard, you will get superior fit, comfort and safety.

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