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Dental Bridges Ajax

Missing teeth create gaps that can be uncomfortable and cause issues with speaking and chewing. Dental bridges provide a natural-looking and more affordable alternative to costlier implants. With a dental bridge, a gap can be closed with strong, aesthetically pleasing artificial teeth that will fit seamlessly with your own teeth which will alleviate discomfort and also prevent shifting of teeth. Call Ajax Dental Care now.

What is a Dental Bridge and What is it Used for?

A dental bridge will link the space left by one or multiple missing teeth. For a traditional and the most common type of bridge, it is made up of false teeth known as pontics that fit over the gap and these pontics are attached to a cap on either side which will fit over the natural tooth on each side of the gap. There are also cantilever and Maryland style bridges that consist of different materials and configurations, but all serve the same purpose of bridging the gap left by missing teeth.

All bridges are semi-permanent, meaning that they can be removed but only by a dentist. When properly secured, a bridge will function just as your natural teeth and you will not feel discomfort when speaking or chewing.

Dental Bridge Cost

Dental bridge cost will depend on several factors including the materials they are made from. Bridges can be made from porcelain in the same shade as your surrounding teeth, gold, metal alloys or combination of one or more of these.

The process for getting a dental bridge is similar to getting a single crown. Your first visit will involve examining and preparing the teeth surrounding the gap. Next, an impression of the gap and abutment teeth will be taken before being sent to a lab to be precisely crafted to fit. A temporary bridge will be put in place during this visit and then replaced with the permanent bridge once it is completed.

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Scheduling Your Dental Bridge Consultation

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